Materiel Management

Polices Relating to Materiel Management

Business and Finance Bulletins UCOP 


The below are a partial list of policies related to Materiel Management.  Please use the above link to the complete list.

BUS 43 - Materiel Management
BUS 34 - Securing the services of independent consultants
BUS 77 - Independent Contractor Guidelines
BUS 50 - Acquisition and use of narcotics and dangerous Drugs
BUS 56 - Purchases from entities violating State or Federal water or air pollution laws
BUS 29 - Management and control of University equipment
BUS 38 - Disposal of excess material and transfer of Federally-funded University-owned material
BUS 63 - Insurance requirements/Certificates of insurance
BUS 81 - Insurance Programs
BUS 39 - Loss of or damage to property of individuals 


UCR Local Campus Policies

SECTION 600 - Insurance and Risk Management

600-30(a) AND 600-30(b) Insurance - Includes Sections on Systemwide Risk Management. Policy Campus Insurance Coordinator's Role Comprehensive General & Automobile Liability Program (includes catering) Automobile Liability Insurance Property Insurance/Aircraft Liability Boat Charters/Bus Charters Miscellaneous Insurance Coverage Examples of Other types of Insurance.

600-70 University Sponsored Group Insurance
600-75 Unemployment Insurance
600-85 Worker's Compensation (Work Incurred injury or illness)

SECTION 750 - Purchasing & Management of Supplies and Equipment

The below are topical based references to policy.  Please see the above link (UCR Local Campus Policies) for a complete list.

Affirmative action in business contracting 750-78
Authority to purchase 750-63
Bids/Competition 750-69
Blanket orders 750-03
Conflicts of interest 750-63
Consultants 750-27
Emergency orders 750-60
Expediting 750-60
Gifts and gratuities 750-21
Loans of equipment from vendors 750-66
LVPA (Low Value Purchase Authorization) 750-39
Methods of procurement 750-63
Negotiation 750-69
Planned purchasing program 750-54
Prepaid purchases 750-66
Purchasing doesn't buy... 750-63
Reasonable price 750-69
Requisitions 750-60
Small business program 750-78
Sole source purchases 750-60
Sub-contracting plans 750-78
Sub-purchase order 750-03
Typing done off-campus 750-66
Unauthorized purchases 750-63

SECTION 800 - Records


800-70 Privacy and Access to Information
800-75 Records Management
800-80 Subpoenas
800-85 Summonses and Complaints

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