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Please ensure that the property requested for pickup does not meet the criteria for property that should be moved by Building Services (listed below). Please also note that this service prohibits any hazardous materials, chemicals and leaking units.

Use Building Services if:

  • You have more than 5 items to pick up per week
  • Any item exceeding 50 lbs. in total weight
  • Any item that will require more than one person to move

If this pickup does not fall under Building Services as described then please click on the blue button provided below to submit your request.

Click here to Request Excess Property Pickup
*if using Internet Explorer and the above button doesn't function, please see instruction lower on this webpage.

Service Information

What Qualifies as Excess Property: Excess property can be nearly any equipment, supply, furniture, or other tangible item that is no longer being utilized by a department. In most cases these items should be transferred to the Excess Property(Surplus) Operation so they can be disposed of by the University while they retain value. Trash does not qualify as excess property and should not be transferred to the Excess Property(Surplus) Operation.

Service: This service allows departments to transport excess property free of charge to the Excess Property(Surplus) Operation warehouse. A Logistic Support Service employee will arrive directly to the campus laboratory or office location to collect the items requested for pickup. This service is limited to property that can be managed by a single employee.

Service Turnaround: The excess property will typically be picked up within 1 week of the initial service request. The excess property will be taken to the Excess Property(Surplus) Operation where it will be put on sale to other University departments and the public or be destroyed for scrap value depending on the value and condition of the property. If the property exceeds $60.00 in total value upon sale the department will be reimbursed a majority of the sales proceeds.

Service Rate: Free

Revenue Sharing Rates: Excess Property sales revenue sharing rates with originating departments are as follows:

Net Revenue

Revenue Sharing Rate (percentage given to originating department)

$0 - $60


$61 - $5,000


$5,001 - $100,000


$100,001 >


These rates are consistent with, if not lower than those of peer institutions that provide similar service.  It allows the Excess Property department to continue serving the campus under a self-supporting model in the face of ever increasing disposal and material handling expenses.  Further, the rate structure creates no additional burden for campus departments.

With the exception of department surplus items that cannot be safely removed from a department location by one Excess Property staff member within a 20 minute period, Excess Property will continue to absorb all costs associated with retrieving and handling useable surplus property through the revenue it retains.

If you require any additional assistance please contact Judy Hodge at extension 2-3094.

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