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Identifying Inventorial Equipment

Before sending any inventory to Surplus it is essential that any inventorial equipment be identified. Not only is this information needed to keep the campuses inventory records up to date, but this information also ensures that we stay in compliance with Governmental regulations and ensures that your department is not liable in the future for equipment that has been disposed of.

The most obvious sign that an item of equipment is inventorial is that it should have a property tag (barcode sticker) on it that lists a 9 digit property number. However there are times when equipment is improperly unlabeled and could potentially be inventorial.

To be inventorial equipment, the equipment must meet the following requirements

  • Non-expendable, tangible, personal property which has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more
  • Is Freestanding, complete in itself, and does not lose its identity when affixed to or installed in other property
  • Has a normal life expectancy of one year or more

Please use the above listed criteria to determine if an item is inventorial if you have any suspicion that the equipment could potentially be inventorial. If you are unable to determine if an item could possibly be inventorial equipment, please contact Steve Staples at Equipment Management number 2-4209 or steven.staples@ucr.edu

After identifying equipment that is inventorial the records needs to updated inventory updated accordingly. To do so you will need to complete the following procedure.


To update records of inventorial equipment as transferred to Surplus you will need to complete the following procedure.

  • Open the UCRIBM - SIS+ Software
  • Type CI to hit Enter the On Line Transactions System
  • Type in your UCRIBM username and password and hit Enter to log into the system
  • Type in EQ00 and hit Enter to access the Equipment Inventory System*
  • Type CI to hit Enter the On Line Transactions System
  • On the Inquire Property Number Field enter in the Property Number that is associated with the equipment and hit Enter
  • From this record screen hit F11 to bring up the EIRM screen to transfer the equipment to Surplus***
  • On this screen (shown below) enter Action Code 91 on the action field line, leave the Authorization Number field blank, and in the remarks type in the date of the equipment transfer to surplus, and then hit Enter

*If you do not have access to the equipment management system, please follow this link on instructions to gain access.

**If you do not have the ability to process an EIMR please contact your departments Equipment Custodian to do so, or follow the following link to become an Equipment Custodian for the department.

***If you are using a Macintosh computer, depending on the settings you may need to hold the function key (Fn) while pressing the F11 Key

The completion of this process notifies Surplus that the records need to be updated for incoming equipment and ensures that the equipment is properly removed from a departments inventory, this process ensures that the liability is for an item is removed from the associated department


Transferring Inventory to Surplus

Before transferring equipment to Surplus please ensure that all inventorial equipment records have been addressed as listed in the preceding section. If you are disposing of mechanical or electrical equipment please include information on the current conditions of these items, either using the provided form or using a department equivalent.

Surplus Equipment Information Sheet

  • Is this item currently working?
  • If so, is only a portion of the device or the entire device (ie, fans, heating elements, etc.)
  • Any additional information that would need to be listed on the publicsurplus.com listings

This information assist surplus in ensuring that they can maximize the return funds that are returned to the departments and helps keep the inventory from ending up being disposed of.

Equipment being transferred to Surplus can be delivered to the Surplus dock in several different methods depending on the amount of items and nature of the items being sent to Surplus. They are listed below.

Pickup by Surplus

Surplus inventory can be picked up for free by the Surplus department if meets under all of the following criteria:

  • Total pickup request is no more than 5 items per week
  • The weight of each item is less than 50 pounds
  • Each item requires only 1 person to pick up and transport

If all of the above listed criteria is met then please complete the following web based form to have Surplus pickup the inventory free of change: Excess Equipment / Supplies Pickup Request

If you need further information regarding surplus pickups by Surplus please contact Judy Hodge.

Pickup by Day Crew

If the equipment does not meet the requirements to be picked up for free by Surplus you will need to contact day crew to pick up the equipment and deliver it to Surplus. This is not a free service and you will need to contact them regarding the cost and procedures.

Self-Drop Off

Alternatively if you wish to do so you can drop the equipment at the Surplus dock yourself, which is located in the Corporate Yard next to Fleet Services. If you choose to drop off the equipment yourself please contact Ryan at ryan.charette@ucr.edu and notify him that you are dropping off the equipment before doing so.

Excess Property Locations

The Excess Property Warehouse is located in the Corporate Yard which is between Linden Street and Watkins Drive. The Warehouse is located on the southeastern corner of the Yard between the entrance gate from Linden Street and the Fleet Department.

Please click the map to the side for driving directions to this location or to see our location relative to the University.
Excess Property Map

Department Contacts

Ryan Charette Excess Property Warehouse & Monthly Sale Coordinator(951) 827-4298Excess Property (Surplus)
Judy Hodge Excess Property Administrator and Customer Service Representative(951) 827-3094


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