Lab Coat Laundering

Did you know? We can help you maintain your lab coats, scrubs and similar washables.

Due to Covid-19 staffing restrictions, items to be laundered must be dropped off (and picked up) from the Receiving Dock in the Corporation Yard (3401 Watkins Drive), Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm.

Highlights of this convenient service include:

  • Lab coats laundered in commercial-grade washer and dryer
  • Processing time: one week or less
  • Lost coats will be replaced at no cost
  • Charges billed by Receiving Services via ServiceNow; no Purchase Order required
  • Express service (same day) is available if coats are received before 10:00 a.m.
  • Cost to launder each lab coat: $7.50     
  • Cost to launder table cover/tablecloth: $15.00

Note: Using our Lab Coat Laundering is optional. If you prefer to send your coats to an outside source, you may continue to do so.