Excess Property Pickup

What Is Surplus Property?

Excess property can be nearly any equipment, supply, furniture or other tangible item that is no longer being utilized by a department. In most cases, these items should be transferred to ScotSurplus so they can be disposed of by the University while they retain value. 

NOTE: Trash does not qualify as excess property, and should not be transferred to ScotSurplus.

Surplus items will be taken to our warehouse, where it will be put on sale or liquidated for its scrap value, depending on the value and condition of the property. If the value is more than $100, the originating department will receive at least 60 percent of the proceeds. For vehicle sales, ScotSurplus will collect a 15% commission.

About Upholstered Furniture
Due to state regulations, upholstered furniture cannot be sold for re-use on the UCR campus, and can only be sold for personal use. No department recharges can be processed.

Request Surplus Property Pickup

NOTE: Facilities Services is no longer available to pick up and transport items to the ScotSurplus warehouse. See their website for an update on their service changes.

That said, we are glad to pick up your surplus items for free. Just send an email to with a list of items to transport and your location.

Please note the following limitations:

  • No more than five items per pick up
  • Individual items must weigh less than 50 pounds
  • No hazardous materials, chemicals or items leaking fluid

For pick up of heavier and/or oversized items, and those requiring disassembly, an hourly fee will apply.

Departments are encouraged to drop off surplus items at our warehouse in the Corporation Yard during regular business hours (weekdays, 8am–4pm). However, we request that you notify us before doing so; do NOT leave unattended items outside the ScotSurplus warehouse.

Thank you for your cooperation.

 Request Property Pickup



Surplus Value Percent Returned to Departments
$0 - $100 0
$101 - $1,000 60%
$1,001 - $5,000 70%
$5,001 - $100,000 80%
$100,001 and over 90%

Rates effective July 1, 2019