In addition to making it easier to acquire items, Receiving Services can also help you get rid of them.

We are pleased to be able to offer complimentary Document Shredding and E-Waste Disposal programs for your convenience. And we offer several recycling programs, as well.

Document Shredding

Whenever student records, financial information or other confidential printed materials need to be thrown away, the paper should be shredded and not simply placed in a trash or recycling container.

  • All paper-based products qualify
  • Staples do not need to be removed
  • We will collect up to 10 boxes at a time
  • Maximum box size: 18” x 12” x 10”
  • Boxes must be closed and sealed with tape


Similarly, we can help you safely dispose of obsolete, broken and depleted electronics, used batteries, empty toner and ink cartridges, and other electronic waste — materials that should never be thrown in the trash.

Note: Many e-waste items can store personal information — either your own or students’. Before discarding such items, be sure to remove all sensitive and personal information from their memory. Simply “deleting” files is not enough. Fortunately, computer operating systems offers built-in tools to securely “wipe” drives clean of all data.

Other Recycling Programs

We are pleased to offer several additional recycling programs to reduce the amount of materials UCR sends to landfills. These include:

  • Toner cartridge recycling

To Request a Pickup: 

By Phone: Contact us at (951) 827-3094
By Email: Send a note to

Materials will generally be picked up within one week of your request. They will be stored at a secure location until processed.