IDT Ordering Procedures

You must Submit a Request with Receiving Services to receive an ORD number before you can place your IDT Order.

Begin Request

Receiving Services Request Screenshot


  1. Click "Submit a Request"
  2. Select "Work Order System" from the drop-down menu
  3. Choose "Receiving Services Request"
  4. Choose from the following services in the "Receiving Service" drop-down menu and add your desired items.

Enter Delivery and COA information.

Delivery and COA screenshot

Click "Submit"

Submit Request Screenshot
  • If have not already, create an IDT Account (with UCR pricing built in).
  • After your IDT request has been approved, you will receive an ORD Number so you can place your IDT order.

You cannot proceed to this step without an ORD Number. See step 3.

When ordering, use the last six digits of the ORD Number as the IDT PO#/Storehouse number.

Place Order Ordering Instructions