International Shipping

If your Export Control Request has not been approved, you will not be able to ship.  Please give yourself time to complete the approval, especially when shipping perishable items.

This site provides general information concerning international shipping requests utilizing UCR Campus Business Services. To help ensure that UCR faculty, staff, and students do not experience customs delays, seizure of goods, or inadvertent violation of federal export laws, the following steps are provided as a guide to assist in preparing your international shipment.

Note: International shipments unrelated to a UCR objective or research project are considered personal shipments and are the responsibility of the individual shipper.

Three Steps to Ship

Below are the steps to request, prepare, and send an International Shipment according to the University of California Policy.  Please follow the three steps in order.

Prepare to ship internationally

Select your form and complete all fields using the instructions provided.  All forms are downloaded in word format.  

Request To Ship Form Request to Hand Carry Form

Email completed form to:

Export Control Office

Note: Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. The Export Control Office will utilize its best efforts to respond to your request within two days after receipt. In the event your shipment requires export license approval, your shipment may not proceed until an approved export license from the U.S. Government has been obtained. Please allow sufficient time in processing your request, as it can take on average three months or longer to obtain license approval from the U.S. Government depending on the details of the shipment.  

Once your request to ship has been approved, you can prepare your own international shipment or have Campus Business Services (CBS) prepare it for you. 

  • To request CBS to prepare and ship, or to have CBS ship your prepared shipment, contact Receiving Services:

Email Receiving Services

Shipping FAQ's

  • Shipping dry ice

    Central Receiving can assist with outgoing Dry Ice and other Dangerous Goods shipments. Please contact us for more information.

    If you have a Dry Ice shipment, Central Receiving is currently the last pick up in our area as other FedEx locations will not accept Dry Ice.

    Packing and Marking Box Example for Dry Ice
  • Looking for a package?

    Before inquiring with Receiving Services, we recommend that you track the item. If you are unsure what shipping service was used, simply enter the tracking number into a Google search and it can be found in most cases.

    If you don't have a tracking number please contact us and we will check our internal tracking information. We can search by name, department, and PO#.

    If you are tracking an Office Depot order, please contact Receiving Services, as Office Depot utilizes their own trucks.

  • Addressing packages properly


    To ensure accurate delivery of your package, please advise the sender/vendor to address the package using the following formats:


    Responsible person | Title
    University of California, Department or Residence Hall
    Building or room number
    Phone and/or email contact
    3401 Watkins Drive, Riverside, CA 92521

    USPS – United States Postal Service is handled by Mail Services.
    Contact: ; Phone: 951-827-6245.


    University of California, Department or Residence Hall
    Building or room number
    Phone and/or email contact
    900 University Ave., Riverside CA 92521

    Remember to include your return address and ensure addresses are legible. Please try to avoid handwritten addresses.