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The Simple Steps to Create Print-Ready Artwork

  • Please save your file as a PDF. Your file must be in the proper format (e.g. brochure, flyer, postcard, and resume).
  • Ensure your file size is the size for the completed project (if it is not a print-to-edge-project).
  • If you want a print-to-edge-project create your margins .25 or ¼ inch above the required file size. Include crop marks on your design for an accurate completed project. We will cut to size.

All graphics and or pictures need to be 300 DPI for clear resolution upon printing. Resolution is measured in DPI (Dots Per Inch). DPI is pixel density. When preparing artwork for print, we require having at least 300 DPI for your image as this means the naked eye won’t be able to see the individual pixels at a close distance. It’s considered photographic quality.

One file only.
4 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.
4 MB limit per form.

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